We can organize a wide range of training courses. From 6 people, we can supervise or bring in competent professionals in the following areas:

  • Ethology-based riding, western riding: all levels from discovery to experienced riders, understanding behavior and problems with your horse, making your horse “light” in its movements, …
  • Mountain orientation: learn to orient yourself in a fun way or to prepare for a State diploma (BE AEM: State Certificate of Mountain Guide)
  • Climbing: for beginners or experienced climbers, a course adapted to, for example, become autonomous in multi-pitch routes or in adventure terrain, with a High Mountain Guide
  • The world of Indonesia and its cuisine: with Emma, ​​Indonesian, learn to cook exotic dishes and flavors
  • Martial arts, Karate and self-defense: from initiation to improvement, self-control in the heart of nature in a soothing setting (FFKAMA)
  • University training: in association with a research laboratory, internship on geomorphology, natural hazards, topography and metrology techniques

Please contact us to register individually in advance
(the course will be organized as soon as there are 6 registrations) or to concoct a tailor-made course for you