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Activities on the site

Participate on farm : According to the time of the year witness the birth of the kids or foaling, help care for the animals, follow the rhythms of farm life, growing vegetables in the garden, and enjoy a rewarding experience close to nature.

Walking : There are numberous opportunities for both short walks and large treks in the mountains from this location. As professional mountain guides, we can offer a wide variety of hikes, such as walks with donkeys, observing wild animals, stargazing (at night), foraging (edible plants, fruits, mushrooms ),...

Rest and relax in nature : Reading on the terrace of the yurt or simply relax in the beautiful surroundings ...

Card games and social themes : For all ages, when the day is too hot or too wet, or in the evening, you can play 'Bourricot', 'Fait pas l'āne', 'Nature Sauvage',...


Table Tennis

Organisation of childrens games

We are able to offer a week or weekend of customised activities to meet your requirements.
In order to discuss this please do not hesitate to contact us.

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